Yann Garin, the most active of our pro quartet and probably the most active skateboarder of his generation in Paris, France right now, got a few tricks taped in in the video of the Bloby’s Crew entitled « BIDJ » that dropped a few weeks ago and that was filmed and edited by one member of the crew called Hadrien Buhannic. Entirely shot with a VX1000, as fashion says it has to be these days, this video showcases the entire Bloby’s crew skateboarding in Paris and San Francisco mostly. Yann is quite close to this crew as he works in the shops where these guys also hang out and work. He’s been skating a lot with them and confessed that they had a huge impact on his motivation to still skate hard at age 38 and that they enlightened him with a whole new approach of skateboarding.  Anyway, check this video out, it has a big interest skateboarding wise and it’s a good gauge of what’s going on in Paris right now. You can follow the Bloby’s here too: instagram @blobysblobys