Metropolitan Skateboards is a french skateboard brand born in Rouen, France, in 2006 from the minds of Chloé Bernard and David Dupas, two skateboarders from this town’s scene from the 80’s and 90’s.

With a solid european team since its launch, including riders like Leander Geelhoed (Rotterdam, Holland), Anton Juul (Copenhagen, Danemark), David Couliau (Nantes, France) or Leo Valls (Bordeaux, France) who obtained his first pro-model through the brand, Metropolitan Skateboards has put a premium on sharing a specific vision of skateboarding, the european way, but in the same time with a strong East Coast influence, drawing its inspiration in too early departed brands like Illuminati or Silverstar.

From start, thanks to the talent of the artist Marke Newton (, an english skateboarder who moved to Paris more than a decade ago, the spirit of Metropolitan has come to life and found its own graphical identity. This artistic approach has been and is still one of the main focus of the project and the collaborations with artists coming from skateboarding or being linked to it in one way or another, has been a leitmotiv for every board serie. Thus, we’ve collaborated so far with artists like Linder Sterling, Simon True, Pierre Hourquet, JonOne or even french electro genius Kavinsky.

At Metropolitan Skateboards, we have also been really caring about the quality of our products since the birth of the brand and the savoir-faire still always prevails when it comes to craft boards. To do so, all our boards are made in the USA by Generator since 2006 ( This manufacture proved its reliability and has been pressing boards for the most prestigious brands in the industry for more than a decade (Real, Anti-Hero, Krooked, Consolidated, DGK, Expedition, Organica…) and is now also pressing for most of the best european brands too (Magenta, Polar, Isle and Palace).

After being in business for few years, from 2006 to 2009, the self-financing system that the company had adopted reached its limits and we have had to put the project on hold.
Metropolitan Skateboards managed to rise again and has been relaunched in the end of 2012, with a stronger energy and a new team. We are still very tied to the idea of spreading a very own and uninhibited vision of skateboarding and to provide skatebarders from all over with the best products possible.


11 Rue de la Buhotière
ZI de la haie des cognets
35136 St Jacques de la Lande