Another picture for young stylish ripper Steeve Ramy from Lyon, France, making some trick way out of his time, shot by Fred Mortagne. The new issue of GONE, that

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nice little zine out of Lyon, France, inspired by its german big brother Anzeige Berlin is a photo special issue: the Portfolio Issue and it features the work of photographers living in the city and its area such as Nikwen, Loic Benoit, Pierre Dutilleux, Grozeye, Fabien Ponsero, Sebastiano Bartoloni and Fred Mortagne. Mostly made of Black and White pictures, it’s a little must have right now, so make sure to grab a copy of it, only 2000 copies printed and it is still free

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in skateshops, so be quick. And if you want to check out the work of all these photographers, follow the links on their names here. GONE_COVER_WEB STEEVE_RAMY_GONE STEEVE_RAMY_GONE_SCAN