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screenprinted graphic on heart and back

100% single-jersey organic brushed cotton – 170g/m²

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SIMON TRUE is an English Artist from Rochdale in the greater Manchester area, who is now living in Japan. SIMON and MARKE NEWTON have been friends since the very early 90’s and grew up skateboarding in Manchester together with other folks like MARK « FOS » FOSTER who created HEROIN SKATEBOARDS. This trio moved to London one after the other around 1997. FOS and MARKE worked at GIMME5 Distribution. SIMON then moved to Yokohama, Japon around 2001 where he got married.

On the artistic side, a foundation course in Rochdale allowed TRUE to experiment with all kinds of mediums and to find an interest in illustration. He then applied to the reknowned Manchester Metropolitan University Illustration course where he further honed his drawing skills.

Around this time SIMON got influenced by the work of Jean -Muchel BASQUAT after discovering a book of his drawings and by PICASSO whilst visiting The Picasso Museum in Barcelona.

After this shock he just decided to free his artwork from all conventions and his own limitations. Nowadays, SIMON expresses himself trough a lot of different mediums wether it be graffiti, oil painting on canvases, photography, videography, skateboards, books or mangas. He’s mostly known for his childish and really funny drawings depicting super heroes in bizarre situations and in whiwch skateboarding is often represented too. Simon was previously guest artist for METROPOLITAN SKATEBAORDS back in 2008. His universe is simply mental.

And we love it.

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